Sunday, 7 August 2011

Week 2

O this week has been shit for many and varied reasons.

And I will tell you right now I have not done as well as I would have liked on my challenges.  No cycling at all *shame face* but a little more walking than last week at least.

But before I give you the score on the door I have photos from todays walk to share.  It is often said Sheffield is built on seven hills.  Personally I think it may be more than that, there seems to be hardly any flat parts of this city at all.  Anyway one of these hills is at the back of my house.  Now in the past I have not only walked up this hill but I have also pushed a fully loaded double buggy up it too.  I was in a car making the same journey not so long ago and I'm not quite sure how I managed it.

Living as I do on the side of the former industrial heart land of the steel city I am used to a more urban than green landscape.  Even though I knew there was greenery of some sort behind the play ground at the top of the road I never went and investigated.  Luckily a couple of months ago my husband and children did.  Feeling in desperate need of a good walk to clear my head this morning I suggested they show me all this woodland, roman road remains and breath taking views they had raved about.  Walking the hill with nice things to look at rather than busy roads and houses has got to make things more interesting right?

It was about 3 miles in total and took a little over an hour as we did have to stop and investigate things.  It was also pretty steep, I could tell you that but you might not believe him hence the photographic evidence secured via mobile phone.  I felt a million miles from home half the time and the rest I was staring out over at impressive sized chunk of Sheffield.  My head in clearer, my thighs hurt and next week I'll be back in the (figurative) saddle.

On the way up looking out over Sheffield

And a bit higher still

Looking back the way we've come

Looking back (over my shoulder... sorry) again

In places it's more a mountain and a hill but if they kids can so it so can I!
So this weeks results?
I added another 14.1 miles to my tally making 27.6 in total leaving a mere 472.4 to go.

OK then......


  1. Great pics. Well done! put it this way, you're doing FAR better than me. x

  2. And me. Not sure I could have done that in 2 hours! x

  3. You are too kind :) Thing is I used to do at least double this a week so more like 30 miles. I keep reminding myself to take it slow. Once school is back I am counting on the school walk there and back to improve my fitness without me realising and then I can really get going......