Sunday, 14 August 2011

Oh for shame....

Lets just cut to the chase, this week I have been slack.  I have done no cycling again and only got readings for walking from 2 days.

I know.

I will also warn you know that next weekend I am away for titches birthday so I may have to do a double update in a fortnight.  Still hopefully I will be back with much more impressive results.  I have had a fabulous birthday weekend but I've already seen so many photos of myself I just hate.  I am all for cutting myself some slack after the last 6 months, not getting caught up in that old web of self loathing and punishment etc etc but it doesn't change the fact that I just hate the photos and the way I look.  I need to get more committed to getting fitter and more consistent in my approach.

So this week:
Walked 7.5 ouch!
So 3 weeks in and I have 464.9 miles left to walk and 492 miles left to cycle.


  1. I'm now declaring this blog a shame free zone. The whole point of this is it should be fun and manageable. If you want to have a birthday and eat cake that's great! Embrace it, love it and start again next week. Same goes for you, Franco! x

  2. I will consider myself told Helen :)
    I have since gone and done half an hour on my bike too but I will put that towards the next update :)

    It feels a bit petty to be ashamed of my body anyway. It might be a bit bigger than I would like but it has done some pretty amazing work these last few months.

  3. FWIW, the photos I have seen of you recently (from your bday and elsewhere) look lovely, so shaddap you face. #technicalterm In the nicest possible way! No hating.x