Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Just a quickie today (fnarr)

Day 3 of 30 day shred done, so 10% and first milestone. I couldn't walk yesterday, but today the pain in my thighs has receded to merely wincing when I stand up or sit down, which I think means my quadriceps are adapting? Yay.

Also day 3 of no Diet Coke (a big thing for me) and no bread. Yay.

The aforementioned wedding is tomorrow, and usually my solution to being too skint to drink is to have diet coke. I'll have to have a think about what to do. May just have actual alcohol, is less disastrous for me than aspartame. Am leaving quite early anyway. Hmmmmm.

Am also looking at joining my uni gym when I go back for  postgrad in October. I've walked past it for 5 years, this must change. It's only £40 for a year! Thing is, I've never been to a gym before. How much gym-going is normal? Once a week? Twice? Halp, Clueless Francololcat iz clueless.


  1. Going to the gym can be anywhere from 5 days a week to twice a month. Depends on what you are doing there! I used to go quite a bit before I got a home gym.

    Hey, can I join in your Olympfit team?

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  3. Oops made typos. shite. Hello! I think I might aim for twice a week. Is that reasonable? You certainly can join,though I think Helen controls the admin side though- get her to invite you :)

  4. Hi Rachel! Course you can join, the more the merrier and the more encouraging. Let me see if I can join you via your google account up there.

    Franco - Three times a week is what I'm aiming for. More if I'm able.

  5. 3x seems at the top end of what I'd be able to do, allowing for rest days, studying, work and not boring the boyfriend to fuck by always being at the gym. I worry £40 isn't enough commitment to stop me wimping out though....

  6. £50 a month wasn't enough for me!

    Rachel. Email us on olympfit@cheerful.com and I'll get you signed up.

  7. £40 is a total bargain :-)
    My understanding is to aim for 30 minutes exercise a minimum of 3 times a week so sounds like you are well on track to doing way more than that! x

    And hi Rachel :)

  8. Only for 30 days! No idea what I'll do after that! I walk for 30 mins min a day anyway but that's not enough to make me fit! Hmmmmm. My legs are less sore today, so it sounds like they are adapting! Yay!