Sunday, 16 October 2011

Oh Carol

My Carol Voderman Active Health DS came and new activity meter (aka pedometer) didn't arrive till last Tuesday.  This meant a week of no steps counting, a week where I ended up doing extra walking, a week where I spent a good couple of hours trying to dance and mashed my feet in the progress - and have no steps to add to the grand total.

Anyway this fortnights stats are as follows:
Walking: In the last 5 days I have managed 13.7 miles which I am pretty pleased with (not least because when I say I mashed my already fookedfeet I am not exagerating, they are sore *violins please*)  This means I have 362.8 miles to tramp.

Bike (yes hurrah!  I have finally got on my bike!) I have managed 10 miles!  Hurrah only 467.5 to go.
I got the final all clear on Monday following my brain hem in February on Monday and am feeling much more comfortable starting to really push myself now.  So I am hoping I can get closer to 10 miles minimum a week now and start bringing the end in sight much quicker!

Motivation is still hard.  I am still anxious doing much outside the school run because a) I have to take the children to school or I get told off and b) I did it so long before my brain exploded that it is hard wired into some undamaged part of my skull, not to forget c) my brain does not control my body temperature properly so I am either bright red and soaked in sweat when everyone else is cold or expiring when everyone else is hot.  It is very embarrassing, it doesn't encourage me to feel the burn in public.

But I am trying to recover my fitness as well as my self confidence and self esteem so I keep trying to push myself a tiny bit further every day.

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