Thursday, 20 October 2011

Let's get physical.

So yesterday, I went to the gym at uni. I'm probably going tomorrow morning to join for the year.

I didn't do much, because I wasn't able to get an induction and when i looked at the weight machines I wasn't sure what to do. Will try and sort that soon though. Last night I just stuck to the cardio suite (oooh, get me, all fitnessbunnyspeak), so 15 mins on treadmill, 15 on crosstrainer, 15 on rowing machine and 10 mins on crosstrainer again after i chickened out on weights. Also did 5 mins on spinning bike thing. Er. Won't be doing that again....pain pain pain.

I've never been in a gym in my life, and overall  I just got the impression like I was back at PE in school. There was communal changing! Which is what made me hate PE in the first place. And there were plenty of thin fit people. But there were a few girls who were just as fat and wobbly as me. So that was nice. I'm going to make an effort. We'll see how it goes.

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  1. Well done on taking that first step through the door and on to the machines!
    FrancoFitnessBunny has a certain ring to it :)