Friday, 21 October 2011

I can do a four km?

OK, so I'm not Roger Bannister. Shame.

But I properly joined the gym today (it must be true, I have the university-branded locker token and everything). Was there actually working for just over an hour, which isn't bad. I was slightly concerned as I was fairly alright after that, whereas 30mins of 30dayshred leaves me dying for about 30 mins afterwards. However, perhaps that's just cos 30DS is v v v high intensity, and the gym is different?

I did 30 mins on the treadmill: 2 min warm up, 10 min powerwalk, 15 min jog and the rest a powerwalkjoggycooldown thing. Have not yet mastered jogging while moving arms without falling off-given that the thing was set at 8.5km an hour falling was a major concern-so jogged gripping the side bars for dear life. Like an idiot. But hey. looking like an idiot is nothing new for me when it comes to running about :)

Then did 20 mins on rowing machine, which I like cos I get to sit down. Arse is too big for the little seat tho, I kept tilting by accident. Also like rowing because I have the impression, which may be wrong, that it works my arms as well. which the other stuff doesn't do really.

Then 15 mins on a crosstrainer thing. Which was ok. Although the ipod socket wouldn't charge my ipod, boooo. Apparently I did 2.9km on the treadmill, of which 1.5 was probably running, and 1.25 on the crosstrainer. The rowing machine display kept dying on me so I don't know what distance I did there.

Apparently, on the treadmill my heartrate was at the high end of "endurance training" range and on the crosstrainer was on the high end of "athletic conditioning" (!) which sounds impressive. Highest I saw was 195 bpm, which I think is the highest sustained rate my heart's  ever been at. And yet I did not even come close to keeling over. Which is good, right?

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  1. That is indeed very good! Am so impressed that you've joined the gym - I am shamed by you all and your brilliant progress so far. x