Sunday, 2 October 2011

It has been 2 weeks again.  This is partly an attempt to get more impressive cycle stats to share.  It isn't working though.  I have read a very interesting book about a guy who cycled from the UK to India but only managed 1.4 miles myself.  This means a pathetic 22.5 miles completed and a massive 477.5 to go.

I need to establish some sort of routine here.  Maybe half an hour every morning when I am watching Homes Under The Hammer perhaps?

Walking is really picking up now I am getting fully into the swing of taking the girls to and from to school (and have managed not to be ill or bed ridden too much) 38 miles this fortnight which is 123.5 miles completed with 376.5 to go - much happier with those stats.


I have lost my pedometer!  It was a DS 'Walk With Me' one.  I had it in my handbag when I was out on Friday and I think it fell out of my bag when I was having lunch.  So now I am not sure what to do.  If I carry on the way I am currently we can assume I am walking about 20 miles a week.  But I NEED the figures, I can't argue with actual figures and wanting higher stats does make me walk that bit further (just not cycle).  So anyway, you are going to have to bare with me while I figure out whether to try and get a replacement second hand DS pedometer or a new one.  I do have a pedometer on my i-pod but it isn't going to work when I am walking with other people is it?

If anyone needs be I'll be knee deep in Amazon lists of stuff, as per usual.....


  1. Hello! Would a basic clip on pedometer not be ok? Poundland, even? x

  2. I loose them all the time or accidentally reset them which is actually worse I think Lise.
    I have found one that is compatible with the DS game I have and comes with a whole new game for less than £10 so going to try that....
    Hope you are doing OK?

  3. Am ok, busybusy but getting there x