Tuesday, 19 July 2011


By my calculations, it's 374 days until the Olympics start.
I seriously need to get fit.
I haven't decided what my goal will be, but right now I'll settle for not convincing myself I have diabetes every time I'm thirsty.

Some others want to get fit too. If you do, let us know. The more the merrier.

I'm a bit excited about this now...



  1. This is great! Good luck to you all.

    After about four months of trying, I can finally run a mile so I am super unfit but I'll keep at it.

    Also, well done for not making this about the Mars Bar Woes - much as I love reading the car crash 'O noes! I ate six jelly babies and now I've put on four pounds' blogs (were the jelly babies made of DARK MATTER?) you are far too good for such things.

  2. Thanks honey! Well done on doing the mile!

    Jelly babies are FILLED with dark matter. It's how they get them so chewy x