Monday, 25 July 2011

Google Maps is a bloody faff.

This I have learnt from working out that I walked 5.9 miles today, although this included an impromptu trip to Aldi (oh, the glamour), where I bought nothing and walked past chocolate and tasty cereal. I knew having £8 to last me all week would work out well!

Google also tells me that I'll be walking 4 miles every day when I stay with my parents, 2.7 when I stay with my parents but go home to my boyfriend's, and an utterly shameful 1.4 on the rare days when I both leave and come home to my boyfriend's. Is it me or is that a bit shit? I'm a bit sad about that.

In other news, on the yay side I have ordered a cable for the aforementioned iPod shuffle. On the nay side the stitching on my running trousers has come apart in the washing ON THE FOURTH WASH. They were expensive. I am annoyed. Now the drawstring no longer functions and the double waistband doesn't exist, so wearing them is painful. Bah. Hey ho.

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