Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Franco gets fitter

...that's the idea, anyway.

Hello, my name's Lise, but call me Franco, everybody does (long story). I'd like to be a bit thinner than I am now. I consider myself quite fit in a "can walk a long way without moaning" way, but can I run past the end of my street? Can I buggery. So I suspect the idea that I'm fit may, in fact, be bollocks.

However. I have a plan. I started the couch-2-5k plan a fortnight ago, which was great, until I royally banjaxed my hamstrings and ankles. No, I don't know how I managed it either. Sadface, So. I have an eliptical walker thing which has festered in a corner for ages. It's a hateful thing but I reckon it'll be easier on my muscles than running; I also don't mind doing crunches for my abs so if I put in a good few of them a week we might be rolling.

Also, in a spectacularly sudden financial SNAFU,it turns out that from Sunday I won't have money to buy my weekly bus pass until pretty much the end of time. This means I'll be walking about 90mins to and from work 6 days out of 7 until Septemberish, hopefully 3/7 after that. Hopefully that makes a wee bit of a difference.

Allez les filles, let's roll.

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